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How to Measure Your Kitchen

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Accurate room dimensions are a crucial task to begin your project. This is not a hard task and it will be verified many times as the process unfolds. 

This is the Kitchen we will use as an example of How to Measure: 

Measuring a kitchen29_edited.jpg

What you need to begin:

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • And a good tape measure. (Buy a professional grade 25 ft. tape measure) 

Measuring a kitchen15.jpg


Begin by taking general measurements of the kitchen to be remodeled. Plans do not need to be exact to scale, but it is nice to be generally close. Pick a starting point and go clockwise around the room. I can draw the entire room or just the walls involved in the kitchen. Here are some examples of what your drawing may look like: 

Measuring a kitchen27_edited.jpg


Now note windows, doors, appliances and sink. 

Measuring a kitchen25_edited.jpg


Now measure your cabinets. Your kitchen is a combination of boxes screwed together. You have either a frameless cabinet or a framed cabinet. Cabinets come in 3” increments. (9,12,15 thru 48”) Base cabinets come 24” deep x 34.5” high. Wall cabinets are 12” deep x various heights. These are industry standards but may vary depending on the manufacturer. Note all measurements in inches. Measure to the nearest 1/8”. 

Now we are going to note our existing cabinetry widths. Pick a starting point and work your way around the room measuring the box of the wall cabinets. 

Measuring a kitchen18.jpg


I like to measure from left to right. Start at a corner, wall end, window or door. In my example I measure corner to door trim, outside trim to outside trim of door, wall return, width of refrigerator unit, then from refrigerator unit to wall corner (If there is tile backsplash, then take that into account. Measure depth of wall cabinet from backsplash to box face. Subtract 12” to get splash thickness.) You can also note individual cabinet sizes. Finally, Note your ceiling height. 

Measuring a kitchen4_edited.png


This is the wall Layout for this Kitchen. 

We will send you a wall layout of your project for you to confirm all measurements. It is very important that all measurements on the plan are accurate.

Measuring a kitchen19.jpg


Now take pictures of your kitchen. These pictures will be referenced many times by many contractors and yourself. Take a picture of each affected wall. Clear pictures that show all electric and HVAC. Take a picture of under your cooktop and/or sink. Here are some example pictures. 

Measuring a kitchen29_edited.jpg
Measuring a kitchen24_edited.jpg
Measuring a kitchen26_edited.jpg
Measuring a kitchen30_edited.jpg

Take a lot of pictures. Take a series of pictures from different stand points. Take pictures of under your current sink and cooktop. Good pictures are valuable throughout your project. Great Idea to take pictures as the job progresses. Save everything to your Project File.

Send your dimensions and your pictures to


Your information will be reviewed and an appointment will be made for your Free First Consultation.

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